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Plews Tyres - EN1 GRAND PRIX - FIM Regulation Enduro Front Tire



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  • Pattern Name: GRAND PRIX
  • Pattern Number: EN1
  • Terrain: Enduro
  • Approval: ECE – D.O.T – ACU & FIM Compatible
  • Premium Enduro Tire: Crafted for WEC and BEC-style racing, this tire is designed to meet the demands of the most challenging Enduro events.
  • Designed in the UK


EN1 Grand Prix: Unleash Enduro Excellence

When it comes to conquering Enduro racing with confidence, the EN1 Grand Prix is your ultimate partner.

High-Performance Marvel

This tire is more than just a rubber and fabric. It's a high-performance marvel, engineered to deliver exceptional results in the toughest Enduro conditions.

Enduro racer arched over his handlebars waiting to start his race. He's wearing Risk Racing MX Gear and his bike is equipped with Plews Tyres.

Designed in the UK

Engineered with British precision, the EN1 Grand Prix is a testament to cutting-edge tire design.

Compound Mastery

The compound used in the EN1 Grand Prix is designed in the UK by world-leading chemists. It's a fusion of durability and grip, utilizing the latest technology and globally sourced materials.

Multi-Event Master

The EN1 Pattern is versatile and suitable for a range of racing events like WEC, BEC, Sprint Enduro races, Hare n Hound races, and more. Its design optimizes grip and comfort for Enduro racers.

Lateral Block Detailing

Detailed work around the lateral blocks enhances bite and grip, providing you with the confidence to tackle challenging terrains.

Tailored to Regulations

This tire complies with FIM regulations, ensuring that you're racing within the rules and giving you peace of mind on the track.

Enduro Rider's Choice

The EN1 Grand Prix is the go-to tire for all things Enduro, whether you’re a high-level racer or an enthusiast looking for a tire that matches the demands of classical Enduro riding.

Comparable Excellence

The Grand Prix range can be compared to the Michelin Medium Enduro tire range and the Intermediate/hard Metzeler tire range. It's designed to excel in challenging Enduro conditions.

Silica for Grip

High silica content in the compound enhances wet grip, improves performance in cold temperatures, and increases traction on various terrains.

Master the Art of Enduro Racing

The EN1 Grand Prix is more than a tire; it’s your key to mastering the art of Enduro racing. Whether you’re preparing for a local race or tackling an ENDURO GP round, this tire ensures you have the performance and reliability you need to succeed. Choose the EN1 Grand Prix and embrace Enduro excellence.

Enduro racer coming down a very rough hillside full of large rocks. He's wearing Risk Racing Gear and his bike is running Plews Tyres

GRAND PRIX Collection

Available in a front and rear tire.




Need more than just a single front or rear tire?

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This product can expose you to Bisphenol A, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.