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Prevents & Cures Leaky Fork Seals

Most dirt bike riders are faced with leaky fork seals several times a year. Riders are then challenged to repair a complicated and sensitive suspension system which requires specialty tools. The alternative is to pay for an expensive repair bill and take time off the bike while it is in the shop. Additionally, it can ruin a race day or an epic trail ride. However, having the ability to quickly and easily repair a leaky fork seal at the track or on the trail can save repair costs, race entry fees, salvage valuable title points or reclaim that weekend trail ride!

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Fix Leaky Seals Fast

To use the Seal Doctor, Just lower the dust seal and snap the Seal Doctor on your fork tube. Then insert it into the leaky seal and twist. The design of the Seal Doctor maintains the proper position and angle as you rotate around your fork tube. You don’t even need to remove most fork guards.

It is important to note that it effortlessly pulls the dirt OUT of the fork rather than pushing it deeper into the fork. You can also run your dust seal through the lower tooth on the Seal Doctor in order to clean that seal up as well. Now just clean the fork up and put the dust seal back in place.

Seal Doctor protective holder

Protective Holder

The Seal Doctor also comes with a protective holder so that it can be stored safely in your toolbox or trail pack ensuring you always have the appropriate tool for the job.


Pulls dirt OUT of the forks

Quickly prevent & cure leaky fork seals

Protective holder for storage

Available in large or small sizes

What's Included

Risk Racing Seal Doctor
Seal Doctor & Protective Holder

  • Small
    Model# 00123
    Fork diameter: 35mm-45mm
  • Large
    Model# 00121
    fork diameter: 45mm-55mm
  • 1 year warranty

It is important to note that although the majority of fork seals leak due to debris caught in the seal, some seals leak because they are torn, damaged, or there is a knick in the fork tube.
ALWAYS inspect your fork tube for small nicks or damage.

How to use the Seal Doctor with Terri
Quick Guide


California Prop. 65 WARNING:
This product can expose you to Bisphenol A, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.